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The Golden Rectangle

A rectangle can be divided in two pieces: a square with the smaller side and another rectangle.

For a certain proportion of the sides of the initial rectangle, by that procedure we obtain a similar rectangle to the previous one.

Then we have a golden rectangle.

Golden Rectangle: golden ratio | matematicasVisuales
The golden ratio
From Euclid's definition of the division of a segment into its extreme and mean ratio we introduce a property of golden rectangles and we deduce the equation and the value of the golden ratio.

If we start from a golden rectangle that procedure can be repeated indefinitely.

Golden Rectangle: infinite golden rectangles | matematicasVisuales

This golden or divine proportion can be expressed in this way: the ratio of the larger part to the smaller is equal to the ratio of the whole to the larger part.

Then we obtain the golden number

This infinite process suggests that the sides of a golden rectangle are incommensurable or, otherwise, that the golden number is irrational.

We can see that rectangle ABDF and rectangle CDFH are similar and that CDFH is rotated (a quarter-turn)

Golden Rectangle: A pair of ortogonal lines| matematicasVisuales


We call O the intersection point.

Now we can consider the line OC:

Golden Rectangle: the line OC bisects | matematicasVisuales


Then OC bisects the (right) angle BOD


O is in the line CG. The same for AE and then

Golden Rectangle: A second pair of orthogonal lines | matematicasVisuales

These four straight lines, orthogonal in pairs, they contain all the vertices of those infinite rectangles. Each one of these pairs of straight lines bisects the other pair.

Golden Rectangle: four lines, orthogonal in pairs, that they contain all the vertices of those infinite rectangles | matematicasVisuales


Coxeter H. S. M. - Introduction to Geometry (John Whiley and Sons, Second Edition, 1969)


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