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In MatematicasVisuales we try to see mathematical concepts. If you want to learn more about the ideas involved you can find useful information in


Wolfram MathWorld

It is a very big site about mathematics with visualization applications made using Mathematica.

Miguel de Guzmán

The web site 'Cátedra UCM Miguel de Guzmán' has a lot of information about Miguel de Guzmán.

More applets:


Web site with a lot of pages and interactive applications about Mathematics developed by Alexander Bogomolny.

Manuel Sada

Excellent mathlets using GeoGebra.

Applets Java of Mathematics Walter Fendt

Math Education and Technology - IES International Education Software

Videos and mathematical animations:

Cristóbal Vila, etérea estudios

Cristóbal Vila is an Spanish designer. He is producing spectacular 3D movies. He uses a lot of mathematics in his work and we can not miss them. For example, Inspirations, based on Escher's works, or Nature by Numbers.

Complex functions:

Tristan Needham - Visual Complex Analysis.

A wonderful book.

Frank Farris - Visualizing complex-valued functions in the plane

Farris introduces a new way to use color in visualizing complex-valued functions in the plane.

Douglas N. Arnold

He has a very famous video about Moebius functions: Möbius Transformations Revealed.

Physics course by Angel Franco

Excellent course with lots of interactive applets (spanish).

Convergence: Where Mathematics, History, and Teaching Interact.

Convergence is the Mathematical Association of America free online journal about the history of mathematics and its use in teaching.


John Forkosh

A very interesting TEX and LATEX resource.