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The Complex Cosine Function: a geometric approach

The real cosine function can be extended using the exponential function:

The Complex Cosine Function formula  | matematicasvisuales

Since the exponential function is periodic with period ,

The Complex Exponential Function is periodic | matematicasvisuales

it follows that the cosine function is periodic, but with period .

Dragging the rectangle we can see how the cosine function is periodic.

The cosine function is periodic | matematicasvisuales

We can see another point of view of this periodicity in the page about the Taylor's Polynomial of the Cosine Function

Taylor's Polynomial of the Cosine Function | Cosine Periodicity | matematicasvisuales

The Complex Cosine Function have much in common with his real ancestors, por example:

Complex Cosine Function is an even function | matematicasvisuales

The image of a horizontal line is an ellipse:

Complex Cosine Function | ellipse | matematicasvisuales

The image of a vertical line is an hyperbola:

Complex Cosine Function |hyperbola | matematicasvisuales


Tristan Needham - Visual Complex Analysis. (pag. 88-89) - Oxford University Press


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